Our Control Center is the nerve-center of our operations that ensures the co-ordination of all operatives, adherence to site/standing instructions of Top Guard protected sites and assets, and the supervision thereof. We have a radio controlled Control Center that is operational 24hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7), and is accessible not only to our staff, but also to receive and respond to client distress calls and all business enquiries. The Control Center is always under the command of a senior duty officer, and with a standby reaction unit. Our Control Room is constantly in communication with all Security Officers (SOs) and Non-commissioned Officers (NCOs), Supervisors and Operatives, ensuring that supervision at all levels is done effectively and efficiently. Top Guard has a VHF Private Radio Communication Frequency duly licensed by POTRAZ, under licence number POZ A162. We have state-of-the-art radios linked to repeater stations for enhanced reception and coverage.

The daily physical supervision of our Guard Services operatives is carried out by SOs, NCOs and supervisors using bicycles, motorbikes and vehicles. Each site is visited at least twice per 12 hour shift. Our Supervisory staff are carefully selected and adequately trained to ensure TOP security services provision is delivered to the client. The Top Guard Management team also conducts scheduled and non-scheduled monthly site visits in order to ensure that all client contracts are being fully serviced as instructed. We provide our clients with Monthly Security Reports which not only highlight any incidents during the course of the month, but appraises and recommends security matters that add value to our clients’ operations and the general safety of staff and/ or family and assets.